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Blue Moon Design


Who We Are

Dawn Tessman

photo of John

Dawn has over 17 years of print production experience, with expertise in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint. She likes to think of herself as the Design Cavalry!

Originally from Minnesota, Dawn spent almost a year in Portugal in 2006-2007 to follow a lead. Her search led her to John Visser, her work colleague (and significant other).

In her off hours, Dawn likes to listen to music, play acoustic guitar and clarinet, watch movies, indulge in the occasional Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon, create art with watercolors and pastel chalks, and scratch her cat under his chin.

She also enjoys being out in nature, traveling, archaeology, photography, reading, yoga, walking, biking, and kayaking.

John Visser

photo of John

With over 15 years of web experience, John has built his reputation on open communication, tenacious problem-solving, and "kicking it old school" with honest hard work.

Front-end web development is what gets John up in the morning (though his home-roasted coffee keeps him awake), and the relationships he builds through his work helps make each day satisfying.

A native of Seattle, John had the opportunity to live in Portugal from 2003-2007. It was while living there that he met Dawn Tessman, who would become his business partner, as well as his life partner.

When not working in his slippers, John enjoys being a dad, cooking, cycling, reading, roasting coffee and playing the baritone ukulele. He also has interests in photography, nature, forensic anthropology, kayaking, psychology, animals, gardening, architecture and travel.